Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Chateau Moncets 2001

This is a Pomerol taste alike from nearby Lalande de Pomerol and is made right up against the Pomerol border, this vintage is soft and succulent with a bouquet of almonds, chocolate, toasted vanilla and blackcurrent and has spice and red fruits on the palate. The 2002 which I have also recently tasted is less robust than this, is perhaps fruitier and less vegetal but I think is the poorer wine. Made by the team at Jean Pierre Moueix the kings of the right bank this has a long finish and is deep in colour and is medium to full bodied. (18/20)


Anonymous said...

just a correction
this wine has not be made by JP MOUEX but by an old winegrowers's family who owned the vineyard since 1872. See www.moncets.com.

timmyc said...

Great thanks for letting me know - I suspect then that old JPM have bought up large volumes of the stuff and bottle it. The act as a negociant as well as producing their own wines and I guess that must be what happened! Always good to be corrected!