Thursday, February 23, 2006

Domaine la Soumade Rasteau 2001

This is classic Rhone, medium bodied with aromas of vanilla, pepper and blackcurrant with distinct spicyness on the palate. This is well made however it was not as long as it might have been and the tannins were a little too firm - the fruit in it will mean it will certainly age for a little while yet and ought to be delicious in a couple of years! Tasted a few weeks ago it is certainly not one that I remember particularly fondly unlike the St. Hallett Blackwall that I tasted at the same time.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Vina Amezola Rioja Reserva 2001

This i liked - perhaps not quite on a par with a Gran Reserva - though for some that might be a blessing! This had all the classic red fruit flavours and aromas with a touch of smokey oak, pepper and nutmeg - in short classic Rioja (well at least what I'd call Rioja anyway!) This will continue to develop for a little time yet - but for now is perfectly drinkable and would be ideal with a nice leg of lamb.

Alto Palena Pinot Noir 2004 - Chile

This was full of smokey red berry fruit - classic Pinot from the New World - not a touch of jammy taste, this was plums and cherries on the nose and oaky raspberry and cherry on the palate - I personally thought that the acidity was a little too strong - however this is still relatively young and it may well improve - but for now it's nice without blowing my mind.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Domaine du Pre des Roses 2004

Sadly this is another case of "If you like..." I'll admit it straight up - I don't like Beaujolais a great deal - admittedly I've not tasted a Moulin a Vent yet (or even a Morgon) but I find them insipid wines that taste to me like the big brash Rhone wines my parents used to drink when I was very small - bearing in mind of course that the little they gave me was one part wine to 5 parts water (well they didn't want a drunk 5 year old now did they!) This was my introduction to wine - and it didn't scar me - and I guess for others they might go for this - but for me it's all a bit of a waste of time - as Oz Clarke said when I met him last year - there are a lot of wines out there - and there are far too many good wines to ever drink them all - so never waste your time drinking rubbish! And for me that is where this wine stands!

Felix Meyer 2003 Gewurztraminer, Alsace

Some people like Gewurz - some do not. It's a bit like marmite this - love it or loath it. To me it reminds me of old ladies perfume - all rose petal floral aromas and flavours and turkish delight - if you like Gewurz I would think you'd love this - I don't and will keep well clear!

Don David "Michel Torino" Chardonnay 2005

This was a classy bottle of good new world Chardonnay! I loved it, it was relatively simple, but had hints of this and that brought about by using expensive new French oak barriques it was a rich golden colour, with tropical fruit and melon aromas. The balance on the palate was impeccable, with those same fruits coming across from the aromas. For once here was a new world wine that not only smelt gogeous but delivered in your mouth as well - if you see this buy a bottle - even if you are from the "ABC" (Anything But Chadonnay!) club - for a long time I thought I was. The problem with Chardonnayis that whilst it's full bodied it is very gently and delicately flavoured and so making wines with it can be difficult - but it is capable of making the best white wine in the world. Unfortunately this means lots of people try and a whole lot of them get it badly wrong - though things are getting better - I used to think I didn't like Chardonnay - but I'm a reformed man having had some that hasn't spent 12 months with oak sawdust in the bottom of a barrel!

Pazo Senorans Albarino 2004

This was drinkable at best, smoke on the nose and cigars in the mouth, if I'd wanted these things in my life I'd have joined an exlusive gentlemen's club in London, as it is I don't and was fairly unimpressed with this! As you'd expect it was dry high in acidity and did have some fruit flavours (sour grapes and kiwi fruits) and had some lovely melon notes on the nose- but for me I couldn't get past that "club" thing and won't recommend this, and won't be buying it again! It's from the RĂ­as Baixas region in Spain, so I won't be rushing to try these again!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Quando Sauvignon Blanc 2005

This is an altogether more interesting wine than the Sangoma, almost colourless you immediately get classic gooseberry and cut grass aromas, the balance on the palate is superior and fuller flavoured with granny smith and gooseberry flavours - if you like your Sauvignon then you will love this.

Sangoma Chenin Blanc 2004

From Stellenbosch, this is a cooler region than most of South Africa and is ideal for Chenin Blanc. Lemon coloured with aromas of apples and pears this is slightly off dry with good acidity, medium bodied with flavours of apples and gooseberries on it's long finish.