Thursday, February 15, 2007

Grapestalk Magazine

The Association of Small Direct Winemerchants (ASDW) periodically publish a magazine online at their website ( The current winter 2007 issue is now online and includes artciles on Pinotage (the marmite of grapes!), the wines of Jura, and Domaine de Anges. A worthwhile read and totally free here.

The ASDW brings together a whole host of small direct merchants, who more often than not specialise in one particular area of wine, for intance Henry Speer and Champers only does, surprisingly Champagne! I had the chance a couple of years ago at the Henley Wine Fair to meet a couple of the merchants and much of the time was impresses with their offerings - particularly on my second visit when I drank the red wines before I'd had so much white I couldn't tell a Syrah from Gamay!


Warren Edwardes, CEO Wine for Spice said...

Thanks, Tim, for the link to Grapestalk.

We now have 3 quarterly issues under our belt. We welcome guest articles so feel free to se what's already been covered and write for Grapestalk.

kind regards
Warren Edwardes
CEO Wine for Spice
Chairman, Association of Small Direct Wine merchants (ASDW)

Warren Edwardes, CEO Wine for Spice said...

Thanks Tim for the link to the third edition of Grapestalk.

Back issues (FREE!) are on

We welcome guest articles as you can see.


Warren Edwardes
Wine for Spice / Hyde Park Wines
Chairman ASDW