Wednesday, February 24, 2010

First Post back here

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away I started this blog - way back in 2005 in fact and it went through a few incarnations, to the point that I ended up moving the blog to its own domain and running it though Joomla which was way more powerful that I actually needed.
But with a newly born baby it became harder and harder to make time to blog, and so when the domain renewal came up I decided not to renew it. I ended up passing the domain name onto someone else who has very kindly kept all the old site up and running so that posts are still available, but now my daughter is two and a half I have been thinking about getting going again - and I think it most likely that I'll start on here - after all now I have a job in the industry it's all about fun right?

I do have one complaint though - some American bloke has obviously decided to pinch the "Winepost" brand, not that I own it, but frankly it is rather cheeky - his is actually called "Winepost : Wine and Spirit Blog" but it isn't me, and has nothing to do with this site. I'd be very interested to see why they didn't check the name properly in the first place. After all - it only takes putting the name into google to find out.

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