Thursday, September 23, 2010

WSET Diploma

So I got the results of my final diploma exam a few weeks back and they came back very good indeed - in fact better than I could have hoped for really - and ended up coming so close to getting a distinction overall that I was almost disappointed, not in that final exam (which is worth half the overall course) but because I know I missed out on a distinction in one module, (I got distinction in three modules worth 39 credits - you need 42 (out of 60) to get it overall), and in one module (spirits) I lost focus and wrote a terrible tasting note for a gin claiming it was in fact vodka! I'm pretty sure if I got that right I'd have got the top mark - so anyway I had mixed feelings. (even though only two people in the year globally (and one in the UK) scored a distinction)

Then the e-mail came in yesterday from WSET, telling me a) that I'd done well and that might qualify me to get a scholarship (a prize effectively) and asking me whether I was considering going on to study for the Master of Wine.

Now they haven't told me anything there, however there is one scholarship that offers part funding towards MW study and it turns out that it is offered to the students who come 2nd - 4th in the year (with two getting the award) - so I'm chuffed. I've turned down the offer - I'm not up for the MW just yet - but chuffed to have been asked.

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