Sunday, October 03, 2010

Ardbeg Supernova 2 vs Bruichladdich Octomore3.1

For those in the know, Bruichladdich have been cranking up the levels of peat in their Octomore whiskies to unknown levels. The latest release comes in at a massive 152 parts per million peat. To give you an idea the 'normal' level of heavily peated Ardbeg is 50ppm.
Ardbeg too have come out with 'Supernova' peated to 95ppm. Both whiskies are relatively young, and both have been sought after on previous release. The first release of Octomore sold out in days and Supernova didn't last much longer. This release is the fourth release of Octomore and follows versions 1 and 2 in style and makeup - but with more peat. The third release came out last December and was finished in Petrus casks and came under the moniker of Octomore 2.2 Orpheus.
Both came to the tasting with big reputations, but Octomore perhaps is the one that has had people more excited in the past and perhaps had the bigger reputation but would they live up to it. Well we served it blind to 18 whisky lovers to find out what they thought - and the Ardbeg did not disapoint - balanced, yet fruity and very obviously Ardbeg - following it the Octomore for me was a bit of a let down. On the night all the talk was about the Supernova, and how amazingly good it was - and sales figures don't often lie, and with noone buying Octomore it's a bit damning. In all honesty it was pretty good, but I know where I would spend my money if it came to it.

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