Friday, July 14, 2006

Chateau Baron Pichon Longueville 1997

A Lovely well made wine, though perhaps not as great as I was expecting - which will be down to the Vintage more than anything (and perhaps also my storage conditions - need to watch that!) It was nonetheless a delightful wine with flavours of blackcurrant, leather and oak and was perhaps overshadowed by drinking it alongside a good Australian Cabernet which was much fuller and heavier leaving my palate somewhat over-run when it came to this more subtle offering. It still however is worthy of being classed in the good-excellent range and is an aweful lot better than most things you'll find me reviewing on here - but having held onto it for a while I guess I was always going to be a little disapointed having built it up in my own mind. But if you measure a wine on whether you'd spend money on it again then this must be good because I would - which doesn't happen all that often! There are also some pleasing aromas of bbq sauce and vanilla to entice you - but at £30 a bottle it's a lot of money for a wine I'm not gushing over - but that again is probably down to expectations!

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