Monday, July 10, 2006

Louis Jadot Meusault 2000

Initially served too cold this was pretty uninspiring, tasting a little bit of smokey lemon juice, however when allowed to warm a couple of degrees (to a proper serving temperature) out came the wonderful aromatic flavours that were previously hidden, bringing extra depth and complexity to the wine - gone was my intention to leave the rest of the bottle alone to whoever happened to come across it and down the hatch it went! Suddenly it developed a lovely richness and creaminess hitherto unshown whilst still retaining the freshness that the citrus acidity brought to the party - tropical fruit New World Chardonnay this is not! With time nutty aromas show themselves more and more and whilst this turned out pretty good - it did tell me that I need to drink a lot more decent white wines in order to learn to really appreciate them in the same way that I go mad for a red wine - maybe that's just me being British but I'd rather spend £25 on a bottle of red than on white (of course I'm also much more likely to spend £5 on a red than a white.)The lovely golden colour of the wine shows it is developping a little age - but I would think it probably ought to continue to age for a while longer yet - and would probably be all the better for it!

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