Saturday, March 17, 2007

Maple Wine vin D'Erable Jost Winery

Some friends brought back some Maple Wine from Canada, and unlike non grape wines from the UK, which are made from thing such as parsnips and raspberries, Maple has plenty of sugar in it and is ideally suited to making a sweet wine - the question is can anyone make anything any good out of it?

On the evidence of this wine from Novia Scotia is yes, it is quite easily the best non grape wine I've drunk, and a lot better sweet wine than quite a few I've tasted. A lovely golden colour with unmistakeable aromas of honey and maple syrup and a similar palate with some suprising acididty which actually holds the whole thing together. I can see this being poured over ice cream, or pancakes as a winderful alterntive to maple syrup with a bit of booziness thrown in - I'd guess you're unlikely to find any of this in the UK, but if you know someone from Canada or you are going yourself it's one of those things that you really ought to try just once.


Andrew said...

Maple wine - never heard of it but it sounds delicious!

barreras said...

My husband and I tried the Original Canadian Maple Wine and found it to be like no other wine. WE LOVE IT!!!!! We have called around Texas trying to find it.

Can someone tell us how to order/purchase it.