Monday, February 20, 2006

Alto Palena Pinot Noir 2004 - Chile

This was full of smokey red berry fruit - classic Pinot from the New World - not a touch of jammy taste, this was plums and cherries on the nose and oaky raspberry and cherry on the palate - I personally thought that the acidity was a little too strong - however this is still relatively young and it may well improve - but for now it's nice without blowing my mind.


Anonymous said...

Hi Tim - the Alto Palena sounds interesting although I'm not a Pinot fan as a rule. Where did you purchase your bottle ?

You mention Somerfields in one of your reviews and they do have a suprisingly good range of wines. I especially enjoy their Côtes du Rhône Vacqueyras by Beaumes de Venise. Regards - Barry

timmyc said...

I bought mine in the Summertown Wine Cafe ( however they only sold it for a month - you can now get it from

I too have been impressed by some wines at Somerfield - check out the Zonte's Footsteps range - particularly the Shiraz Viognier. They also often have Blason de Bourgogne Montagny on offer which is a bargain when it is!
I'm a big fan of Cote du Rhone and spent some time there recently. Vacqueras is one of the 5 Cru villages so ought to be good and Beaumes de Venise is usually a Cote du Rhone villages - I recently bought a case by a producer called Paul Jaboulet Aine'. If you see his wines anywhere - give them a go they're fantastic! Oddbins sell a good range.