Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Domaine du Pre des Roses 2004

Sadly this is another case of "If you like..." I'll admit it straight up - I don't like Beaujolais a great deal - admittedly I've not tasted a Moulin a Vent yet (or even a Morgon) but I find them insipid wines that taste to me like the big brash Rhone wines my parents used to drink when I was very small - bearing in mind of course that the little they gave me was one part wine to 5 parts water (well they didn't want a drunk 5 year old now did they!) This was my introduction to wine - and it didn't scar me - and I guess for others they might go for this - but for me it's all a bit of a waste of time - as Oz Clarke said when I met him last year - there are a lot of wines out there - and there are far too many good wines to ever drink them all - so never waste your time drinking rubbish! And for me that is where this wine stands!

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