Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Don David "Michel Torino" Chardonnay 2005

This was a classy bottle of good new world Chardonnay! I loved it, it was relatively simple, but had hints of this and that brought about by using expensive new French oak barriques it was a rich golden colour, with tropical fruit and melon aromas. The balance on the palate was impeccable, with those same fruits coming across from the aromas. For once here was a new world wine that not only smelt gogeous but delivered in your mouth as well - if you see this buy a bottle - even if you are from the "ABC" (Anything But Chadonnay!) club - for a long time I thought I was. The problem with Chardonnayis that whilst it's full bodied it is very gently and delicately flavoured and so making wines with it can be difficult - but it is capable of making the best white wine in the world. Unfortunately this means lots of people try and a whole lot of them get it badly wrong - though things are getting better - I used to think I didn't like Chardonnay - but I'm a reformed man having had some that hasn't spent 12 months with oak sawdust in the bottom of a barrel!

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