Thursday, September 21, 2006

Holiday Adventures 1 - in and around Roquebrun

Having arrived after a long 12 hour drive from Calais (we left Canterbury at 4.30am and eventually opened the door to the house in Roquebrun at 8.15 ish) Sunday was a slow day where we expected everything to be closed and no thoughts of wine tasting even entered our minds - that was until Sunday afternoon when I got itchy feet to explore the village a little and discovered that both Domaine St. Andre' and the local coop were open for tastings. We started at Domaine St. Andre' and I really thought I was going to be drinking Rose all week, but after making a sharp exit we headed for the Caves de Roquebrun coop where we were both delighted and surprised to find some really excellent offerings and the first of very many friendly welcomes.

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