Monday, September 25, 2006

Prieure St. Andre Rose'

Produced by Michel Claparde, in the most traditional way you can imagine - including small, old fashioned wine presses of the sort more often seen decorated with flowers in many of the villages in the area, this is indeed not bad at all for a Rose, I will confess to not being a particular affionado of such things, but in book Rose wines are meant for easy drinking on a hot day, and this one slips down nicely - it is perhaps a little too bubble-gummy but overall it really isn't too bad at all - although as the first winery we stopped in, if everything had been at this level I would have left the region a sad man - thankfully Michel's top red was very drinkable and other producers were making things even better - we soon beat a hasty retreat and searched out other gems that St. Chinian had to offer.

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