Friday, September 22, 2006

Seigneur d'Aupenac AOC St. Chinian 2002

One of the top cuvees from the Coop in Roquebrun, this is made from 50% Syrah, 25% Mourvedre and 25% Grenache and is aged for 18 months in new French Oak. This is the first wine we tasted that really excited us and gave us hope for finding some excellent wines during our stay. With bright red fruit, freshness and structure from well integrated tannins this is almost silky rather than velvety but whichever it is delicious, as it's recent silver in the Decanter wine awards goes to show (though as with any awards they ought to be taken with a pinch of salt!) Comparing it with the other offerings from the coop, it is perhaps the best balance, offering far more than the cheaper wines, and yet having greater subtlety than the "Baron" whose notes will follow in due course.
This is a wine that will long be etched in the memory more for it's role in our holiday than for the wine itself - however that in itself is a recommendation and at E14.50 (which works out at about £9-10) it is really very good indeed - however my main bugbear is that the coop insist on using Carbonic Masceration in ALL their wines and for me this wine could quite simply do without it!

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