Friday, November 10, 2006


I've added a few links to the right hand side - a couple of excellent Languedoc estates, a brilliant wine bar in Oxford, and a new wine distributor to me, Sullyvin, who were kind enough to send me a bottle of wine from an appelation in France that I'd never come across the Cotes du Frontonnais. Looking at their website Sullyvin appear to sell an interesting range of wines, certainly the sort of things you can't get elsewhere. I'll be drinking the wine sent through in the next few days or weeks and will report back.
All the links listed across are independent of me, however I do recommend them all. If you would like a link added then please do contact me and I'll see what I can do - (I will however not just add anyone, not will I add people I cannot recommend - equally if I think a link needs removing I will do so if I am no longer able to recommend the individual or company. So for instance SullyVin are linked at present - however if I really hate their wine, the link will be removed, or if I hear that people are having trouble with the company.

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