Friday, January 13, 2006

Casa Girelli Canaletto Primitivo 2002

This is from Puglia in Southern Italy and is made from a grape that we know better as Zinfandel - only this is the Italian (and original) incarnation of the fruit - indeed it was only in the last few years that it was confirmed to be an identical species - where before they were known only to be closely related. This wine has aromas of sultanas and hazlenuts and smells luxurious - but partner it well with food as the red berry and medium/full bodied wine has a kick of acidity that you might expect from an Italian wine - it went fantastically with a pasta bolognese due to the acidity of the tomatoes. To all intents and purposes this was very recognisable as the fruit that produces the big Zin in California but with greater refinement and higher acidity from grapes given less "hang time" than is currently fashionable in the US. Would I drink it again - certainly - with the right food match - and at around £5 a bottle it's a bargain - available from Somerfield of all places!

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