Friday, January 13, 2006

Casillero del Diablo Cabernet Sauvignon 2004

This is great house wine - for chance from £5 you get a smooth Cabernet, with blackcurrent, mint and oak flavours that is never going to upset anyone. Against it is the high alcohol content and the fact that many places are selling the 2003 still which a year further developped will go a long way as the tannins in this are still a little on the rough side (partly through the use of American rather than French barrels I imagine) and could use some time to smooth out - when they do that, then this will be one of the best wines at this price point from anywhere in the world, but for now it is merlely acceptable, and you shouldn't have to leave wine you but for £5 on the shelf before it reaches it's peak - the supermarkets are selling so much "plonk" thesedays that they are champing at the bit for the next vintage to replenish their shelves when a little ageing would work wonders!


Luke said...

Hi there. I'm interested in south african white wine and would like to get some local help & advice. I've met some local people via this south african white wine site but do you know of any others where I can meet local people?
Many thanks

timmyc said...

no sorry - I'm in England and South Africa is a new experience for me really - apart from the odd Kumala that a friend buys.