Tuesday, January 17, 2006

French Up in Arms Again!

After a spate of actions in Southern France, French winemakers have once again been taking action against "injustice". In this case they dumped a load of manure in the doorway of a Bordeaux wine dealer to protest at the price he was paying for barrells of ordinary Bordeaux AOC and Bordeaux Superieur AOC. The winemakers in the area want to charge a minimum price of 1000 Euros, however this "scoundrel" paid just 700 Euros per barrell. The trouble with this is that the winemakers seem to imagine that just because they need 1000 Euro to make a profit, that is what they should be paid - regardless of the quality of the substance or indeed what demand there is. One wonders whether they have caught onto the law of supply and demand, and whether as a result we'll see less wine produced, from lower yields with more effort going into making a superior product that can sell for more money - we shall see!

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