Friday, April 14, 2006

Blason de Bourgogne Montagny 2003

At full price this works out at about £12 a bottle - and at tht price it's quite steep and you'll find plenty of alternatives at better prices - however at just £5.49 on offer in Somerfield at the moment this is something of a bargain. A full bodied yet subtle Chardonnay it's buttery and crisp at the same time, has aromas of apricots, almonds and toast and cirtus flavours. It's a long wine that keeps giving pleasure long after you've swallowed and is a lovely golden colour that you might expect from quality Chardonnay. Finest Burgundy this may not be, but lovely it is all the same and a great introduction to the delights that Burgundy can offer without having to shell out over £15 a bottle. At this price this is seriously competing with mass branded Australian and Californian wines and knocks socks off a great deal of Macon at a similar price bracket. If you like Chardonnay (and are prepared to admit to it!) then this is very pleasing and gives you some added refinement that will rarely be seen in a New World wine at this kind of price. At £12 leave it alone but at £5.49 (or £5.99 in Tesco) then this is well worth it.

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