Thursday, April 13, 2006

Cloudy Bay Pinot Noir 2003

Kiwi Pinot can be one of my favourite things, sadly it can also be one of the most disappointing things as well - one one hand there are some fantastic offerings out there like Mount Rosa and Shaky Bridge, but there are also some fairly placid wines that taste as if they were diluted with water before bottling, a bottle of Forrest Estates Pinot comes to mind when I think of that! Well this is Cloudy Bay and I expected great things, and to some extent it delivered. This was a solid first offering without being spectacular and I would judge that perhaps it was just a little too young right now, but that the overt acidity would have calmed down a little in a year or so. This bears many of the characteristics of a good new world Pinot - aromas and flavours of cherries, little in the way of tannin, but plenty of acidity to balance that out and stop it being squash! But I couldn't help marking this down as a "good first attempt - but must try harder" certainly it wasn't up to the standard one is led to expect from Cloudy Bay - not that I've drunk the Sauvignon as yet - there is a bottle of that in the wine rack waiting for some friends to come round before they depart for the wilds of Devon - but the reputation is such that I expected a much fuller wine than this. Time will tell if it turns out to work, or whether it will trade on the reputation of the Sauvignon.

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