Monday, April 17, 2006

Veuve Clicquot Vintage Reserve 1999

More Champagne - Bliss! I tasted this alongside the '99 Moet and found it to be even better still - Pinot Noir dominates the blend in this Champagne style and it's a style I find most agreeable - this is certainly one of the better Champagnes I've managed to taste (though to be fair that's not a great deal at the moment - but we're working on it!). It takes me back to my visit to the Veuve Caves in Rheims a few years back - well worth a visit should you happen to be in the area - many of the great Champagne houses will charge you to go and visit - but not Veuve and you get to taste Champagne for free too! (Where I tasted a lovely '95 vintage)
- and should you happen to be in Epernay - then whilst Moet has all the grandeur and a fantastic tour - it costs a fair bit from what I can remember - pop a few doors along and go into the Esterlin house where you'll be sat down in exquisite surroundings - waited on hand and foot and giving a lesson in Champagne tasting all for the cost of asking - not that many darked their doors and their cellars (Caves) are off site but well worth it. Anyway - back to the Champagne in question! It's full bodied and flvaoursome with some biscuity and melon flavours long on the finish with wonderful creamy bubbles which dance across your tongue and waft aromas of melon, almond and dried fruits. So lovely that I went back for a second glass despite it being a "sophisticated" tasting! Available from Planet Wine ( ShJones ( and plenty of other places.

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