Sunday, January 07, 2007

Books Books Books

I've just been given my Christmas presents by my in-laws - and wonderfully have received the latest edition of the Oxford Companion - what a reference book that is - there is always something to look up and it has just about everything covered - for the first time I now have some grasp of what micro oxygenation is all about and why people might want to do it (a la M. Rolland).
I also got "The Hedonist in the Cellar" by Jay McInerney - which so far is excellent - a wonderful mixture of wit, stories about particular wines places and styles taken from his column of the same name from House and Garden magazine in the US. Perhaps my only issue with him so far is that it appears he has been bet he can't mention Julian Barnes' name in every little story as it appears with considerable frequency to the extent of becoming a little labourious - this though may change as I'm only just into the book - which has lots of very small chapters meaning it is very easy to read just a little at a time - except when people around you want attention!

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