Thursday, January 18, 2007

New Site Name

A few weeks back I revealed my plans to launch a new site as a sister site to this site - and I can now tell you that things are progressing. Up until yesterday I had fully intended to completely work on a site from scratch - however I am no web designer and it was taken a long time to comeplete and the finished product was not quite what I would have hoped for, so I'm now looking for an alternative way to work on it.
Sadly is already taken as a domain so I won't be able to use that for the new site - and so now comes the task of trying to think up a funky new name!
So far i've come up with "Vintasy" but please leave your ideas in the comments below this post. The person who comes up with the best title, will have names my new site, and will forever be able to lay claim to that, plus I will give them a 5% share in the site - that means if it ever generated a profit you would get 5% of an profit made.
You get the drift - give me some names, and if I ever make money, fame or wine out of it - you get your share!

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Boo said...


I have experience in running a wine web site, I know the amount of work it requires to keep it ‘alive’ and interesting. The main reason behind me dropping the site was me not being able to dedicate the time I would have liked, I took the decision that if I couldn’t do it properly, I wouldn’t do it at all. Best of luck to you.

Title? If I was in your position I would go with (it is free, I have checked), this name works on several levels, it holds true to the original name, it gives the impression that it is a place where other peoples views are welcome (its not just about what you think), it conjures up images of a ‘post or wall’ where people would messages and notes for others and it’s a place where news/ info can be found. Also, it reminds me of The Hitching Post in Sideways.

Make all cheques out to Boo ;o)