Monday, October 30, 2006

Chants des Cigales 2003 - Domaine La Linquiere

The top wine from Linquieres - a slightly bizarre place in that you go to taste their wines in a small boutique situated away from the actual domaine. The wines in general from this domaine were drinkable, if not all that exciting - by this stage everything was to be judged against Canet-Valette and Maurel Fonsalade who were perhaps the best winemakers we came across. This wine had animal and oak aromas - which initially seemed slightly unpleasan, however the wine itself was fruity and had plenty of structure, red fruit flavours and enough acidity and tannin to suggest that perhaps another few years in the bottle would do this the world of good - either that or the domaine had not let the wine breathe enough before serving it - either way it was good but not that good (E11.90)

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