Friday, October 27, 2006

Dow's LBV 1999 Port

Wow! - Just picked up a couple of these in Somerfield for a massive £2.24 a bottle - surely THE bargain of the year - I can see Port Jelly, duck in port, beef in a port and shallot sauce, port in port, and of course port in a glass all coming up over the next few weeks!


NicolaD said...

Have you tried it yet? Was it any good? My son was born in 1999 and I will try and get some if it's OK

timmyc said...

I haven't tasted it yet - though if I were going to put Port aside for someone for say an 18th or 21st birthday I'd go for straight vintage rather than the late bottled variety (LBV is kept in oak longer - therefore it ages quicker and is intended for early drinking) It will probably still last but is a much inferior product to a vintage port - having said that 1999 was not a declared vintage I don't think so you wouldn't be able to get any unfortunately.