Monday, October 23, 2006

Ivresses 2004 - Canet-Valette

Ivresses is a very easy to drink wine made from 90% grenache it's a new wine from Marc Valette (probably the most entertaining wine maker I've ever met - and he speaks far less English that I do French!) this is a new wine from Valette - this is the first vintage and was released just 6 months ago - wonderful red fruits, fresh acidity a certain peppery charachteristic, with just a touch of sweetness perhaps (though it is still very much a dry wine) Very easy to drink - though as Stone, Vine and Sun are selling it at £13 a bottle - I think it is perhaps a little expensive for the wine you get - I'd head for the Une et Mille Nuits over this one every day of the week and sometimes at week-ends too!

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