Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Le Vin Maghani 2001 - Domaine Canet-Valette

Deeply coloured, 45% Syrah, 45% Mourvedre and 10% Grenache, 3yrs in new oak barrells - Marc gives this wine everything - and it certainly pays off - fantastic levels of concentration brought about by the artisinal way the wine is produced where Marc quite literally gets his feet wet and treads the grapes himself the wine it complex and delicious, spicy, vanilla and chocolate aromas give way to forest fruit flavours balanced by a touch of cinnamon - this is a wine of some depth and is the reason why Marc is a legend in the area and has won prestigious awards (Winemaker of the Year 2003 in the French Sommerliers Guide) not just for his wines but also his winemaking. He doesn't spray chemicals - rather he uses plant tisanes and encourages natural predators to keep unwanted pests at bay - if anyone doubts that great wines can come from St. Chinian then this is the place to start proving them wrong - made in a traditional style, but 100% Valette.

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